Welcome, I am so glad you made it! I’m Bella Marie, Radical Creativity Coach and Intentional Creativity™ Teacher and Coach.

Probably like yourself, I have had so many nudges to do something great, be someone amazing. It’s taken me a bit to just accept that I am amazing right now, always have been. And you guessed it, I am doing something great with my life, even just by being myself.

Honestly, once I saw and accepted myself for who I am the rest of the puzzle pieces of my life came together.  Any journey, however harrowing, is worth taking if you learn from it and I am blessed to have worked with coaches, teachers, and mentors over the years.

Whatever your story, you know there is more of You to Be. And you’re ready claim it.

Deep down you sense a tug to return to your art, to unleash your own flavor of Radical Creativity but you are not sure of your next steps. You wonder if it’s even possible to find your creative flow again. Or how to harness your creativity and take action on your dreams. Maybe you want to simply paint again. Or create a room in your home just for you. Or want to learn how to still your mind and listen to your heart.

I know all these questions because I’ve asked them too.

Here’s the good news…You don’t have to figure this out alone.